The “Real” Secret In Think & Grow Rich

The Secret Napoleon Hill’s Famous Book Is Finally Revealed

Napoleon Hill’s famous book Think and Grow Rich that was written way back in 1937. I first stumbled upon that book years ago and it started to pave the way to start to change the way I see the world. It was incredibly complicated in the way that it was written because of the type of language they used back in that time.

I have read it at least 100 times.

At the beginning of the book, Napoleon Hill adds his Author’s Preface in which he starts to prepare you for what it is that you are about to read. To this day it is my absolute favorite part of that book.

But something has always bothered me about this first part of his book. He goes into great detail in explaining that in his book, a money-making secret is mentioned in this book. Not only is it mentioned, he claims, but it’s mentioned more than 100 different times. And, he also claims, that it’s mentioned at least once in every chapter.

He even calls it a “magical formula” and that those who discover and use the formula will be swept on to success. He even says that it sits there in plain sight for those individuals that are supposedly “ready for the secret” will be able to see it.

And here is the final part to the beginning of his book. He actually gives you a clue to his secret. He says it’s one half of the secret. This is exactly what he says…


It has taken me years and years to discover the other half of his secret. And now, I will unveil it here and I have 100% no doubt in my mind that this is the secret. In fact, I believe it is irrefutable.

Here it is.

The Secret That Napoleon Hill Is Talking About Is

“The Law Of Affection”

All earned riches have their beginning in an idea is the first half. The second half is the idea must affect people, preferably millions.

That’s it. Clear as day. Your idea MUST affect people. Millions of people must be effected preferably in order to bring in riches. And to me, this is absolute and irrefutable. To me it is law.

Like the law of gravity. It never fails. If I pick up my laptop here and slide it off of my table it will fall to the ground 100% of the time. If I do it one time, or if I spend the rest of my life pushes laptops off of desks, those things will always hit the ground. Always. It’s law. It can’t be argued.

It is the law.

So is this law of affection. Affect enough people and you will acquire money.

Impact millions of people and you will make millions. It’s as simple as that.

Do you want proof?

Do you have a bottle of ketchup in your house? It’s probably Heinz Ketchup. How many people do you think squirted ketchup on fries, burgers, hot dogs, eggs, and things we can’t even think of at the moment? I’m willing to bet it is millions. Heinz is worth over $900 million dollars.

Ever popped a tic tac into your mouth? Guess how many people worldwide have done the same? Probably billions because I heard that the company that makes has an annual sales of $19 Billion dollars.

Albert Pujols signed a 10 year $240 million dollar contract. Guess how many people buy Angels baseball game tickets?

They can fit about 50,000 people in a stadium and he plays half his games there and the other half nationwide in front of those fans who pay to watch him play. Also, there are all the games that are televised and aired every night to tens of thousands that advertisers pay huge money to air their ads during the games. Same with games aired on radio.

Why do you think Super Bowl ads cost so much? The ads are aired in front of millions and millions of people. Those super bowl ads have the potential to influence hundreds of millions in one single moment, therefore, the ad airtime is worth millions.

Here Are Handful Of Some Of The Hundreds Of Times Napoleon Hill’s Secret Is Mentioned In His Book

Napoleon Hill talks about Thomas Edison and his inventions including the light bulb. Thomas Edison’s ideas (one half of the secret) not only were great ideas but they impacted millions of people (the other half of the secret).

He talks about Edwin C. Barnes and how he was determined to have a partnership with Thomas Edison. Barnes idea to become a partner was his burning obsession that not only was an idea but it was an idea that would impact and effect a lot of people. Edison invented and Barnes sold.

He frequently talks about Henry Ford and how he conquered ignorance and poverty and became exceedingly wealthy in just 10 short years. What was Henry Ford’s idea? The car of course! (First half of the secret) What did his creation and idea do? Impacted millions! (Second half of the secret)

Napoleon Hill talks about his son that was born without ears. He talks about the entire ordeal he goes through to make sure his son does not become a deaf-mute. For many reading his book, they might be confused and think it was his constant repetition to his son to make him “believe” his son’s handicap could become an asset was the secret he was talking about, but it’s not. His son’s story later on when he finally is able to hear 100% thanks to a particular hearing aid he tried was the real secret. His son got the idea to market and take that hearing aid and help introduce it to thousands of other people with the hearing problem (first half of the secret). He helped the company that produced the hearing aid sell millions and he ended up making millions (second half of the secret).

He talks about Dr. Gunsaulus wanting to build a college that would educate people in a better way. Right there and then he clearly states his idea and how it can impact millions. (First half and second half of the secret are clearly mentioned.)

He talks about an enchanted kettle that brings out more riches in Aladdin’s lamp. Of course, as you read you learn that it is Coke. Coke is an idea (first half of his secret). Coke impacts millions (second half of his secret). Coke is a perfect example of the first and second half of Napoleon Hill’s secret.

Napoleon Hill spends a great deal of time in his Chapter on Decision talking about how the founding fathers starting the United States of America. He talks about how Sam Adams and Thomas Jefferson had the idea to create a nation (first half of the secret) that allowed freedom to millions of citizens (second half of the secret).

Reread Think And Grow Rich And You

Will See This To Be 100% True

After reading and reading and reading that book for years it took about 5 years to figure it out. For the longest time, I tended to lean towards Napoleon Hill’s Secret is “The Law of Attraction” that so many other books and even movies talk about. There are hundreds of so-called “gurus” out there telling everyone that the Law Of Attraction is what a person needs to achieve things in life.


The problem that I have with the Law Of Attraction is that it’s really not a law at all. A law is irrefutable. A law cannot be debated or questioned.

I go again back to pushing my laptop off of my desk. If I push it off it will hit the ground. We can’t debate that it might not hit the ground. We can’t question why it will fall. It is the law of gravity.

The Law Of Attraction should, in my opinion, be called the Theory Of Attraction. The fact that I even doubt its existence should be proof enough of that. If you go online you will find countless articles and blog posts doubting that The Law Of Attraction is actually even real. There is doubt. There is the debate.

How many articles and blog posts do you see online doubting or even debating the existence of the law of gravity?

The law of affection also cannot be doubted or even debated. If you create something that impacts the lives of millions, millions of dollars will follow.

If you create a unique killer phone app that millions of people love and purchase for $1, guess what? You will make millions.

Invent a way to charge cell phones while they sit in people’s hands or pockets without any wire or them having to plug into an outlet and guess what? Millions will throw their money at you for that invention and you will become a multi-millionaire.

Create a laser gizmo that can zap away a simple and clear the skin in less than 2 minutes and guess what? Millions of teenagers today and new ones coming down the pipe nationwide will throw every single dollar they have for that gizmo you created.

The United States Government has billions of dollars at its disposal because it has been receiving dollars over and over again from 300 million of its citizens.

Show me any person that has accumulated huge amounts of money and I can show you what they did that impacted millions of people. If it is a spoiled rotten rich kid that has never worked a day in his life I can show you an exact moment in time when someone before them impacts millions.

It is a law. It can’t be argued or debated. All we need is an idea. Then, all we need to do is to see if our idea will affect people. That’s Napoleon Hill’s secret in Think and Grow Rich.

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