Why You Are Broke

There Is Only One Undisputable Fact Why You Don’t Have Any Money

Have you ever wondered why there are some terrible, mean, dreadful, awful, and just flat out rotten people that have a shit load of money?

Similarly, have you ever wondered how so many kinds, caring, loving, happy, and wonderful people barely have enough to pay their bills?

But let’s be real here…

We all know that there are some very good people that have money and some very rotten ass people that don’t have a dime to their name too.

There is a reason certain people have money while others have nothing at all. It’s the very same reason you have very little money or no money at all. It can be summed up in one word. Are you ready for it?

The word is an impact.

What Impact Are You Making To Your World?

What do I mean by that? Let me give you an example…

How can a baseball player make $10,000,000 a year playing a kids game, while a nurse that tends to patients nonstop 10 to 12 hours a day make $70,000 a year? The reason is irrefutable. The ballplayer makes a bigger impact.


Sure, the nurse is busting ass and tending to her patients’ needs tirelessly but a ballplayer makes a bigger impact. You see, we as human beings are rewarded monetarily by the number of problems we solve for other human beings. This makes an impact on other people’s lives. So, you might think that a nurse helps to solve a patient’s problem, but so does a ballplayer. A ballplayer solves the problem of boredom.

You’re probably thinking “Boredom!? Seriously!? That’s a problem?”

You bet it is! That’s why we watch so many movies, listen to movies, watch TV shows, play video games, and play candy crush and stuff like that.

The reason a ballplayer makes more than a nurse, even though many would consider that profession to be a lot nobler, is that the ballplayer makes a much bigger impact. In fact, the impact is absolutely staggering!

Let’s put some thought into this. Albert Pujols from the Angels makes a monstrous amount of money. Is what he makes justified? Absolutely! How many people pay for a ticket to watch him play “for entertainment” for 160+ games a year? How many people tune in on television (that multi-million dollar companies pay for TV ads into the millions of dollars) to watch him play first base and hit 3 to 4 times a game simply out of boredom? How many people tune in to listen (again, money made with radio ads) on the radio while they’re on the road or at work? How many fans buy jerseys, hats, posters, memorabilia and everything else?

That number runs into tens of millions.

He impacts millions of people daily. He doesn’t impact people in a huge way but impacts millions in a small amount every day. He solves millions of people’s problem with boredom.

Money Is Made When You Solve Problems.

This is why a guy that owns a portable potty business can end up making a million dollars. Have you ever heard of tallow companies? They suck the grease outta restaurants that they do not want and they recycle it for profit. There are people that make great livings from trimming trees in their cities when people need their trees trimmed. There are literally millionaire plumbers out in the USA because people need their toilets unclogged.

Want to be a billionaire? Own toilet paper companies, aggregate companies (concrete, sand, cement, asphalt), oil company or a company like that. Huge items that solve billions of people’s problems make people billions of dollars.

It’s solving other people’s problems that make you money. The more problems you can solve, the more money you will make.

McDonald’s clearly displays why they are a billion dollar company at every location with a sign that says, ”Billions and billions served”. What that sign is really saying is, “We have killed millions of people’s hunger, or problem, therefore we are entitled to the billions of dollars we have earned.”

How many people’s problems can a guy just working as a cashier at McDonald’s solve? I’ll tell you. It’s one. He solves the owner of that franchises problem of filling that cashier position. Impact only one person and you will only make what solving that one person’s problem will pay you. It’s as simple as that. Hell, even providing junk removal services impacts people more than being a cashier!

This is why a person that can be a total asshole, but yet owns a dry-cleaning store in a big town can have a lot of money, own a luxurious car and live in a huge beautiful home. He impacts hundreds of people in his town by providing dry-cleaning services. He owns and operates the dry-cleaning facility that does that for people.

The sweet, caring, and generous woman in the back doing all the ironing? She barely makes enough to pay her own bills because she solves the problem of only one person in her town, her boss. He has a problem. He needs her to fill that ironing position and he will pay her whatever he feels is justified in solving his problem.

I know. It sounds so unfair, but it is the unquestionable fact. Make an impact, solve problems and you will make money. Make a minor impact and only solve one single problem, then be prepared to be compensated accordingly.

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