One Of My Biggest Failures

How MLM Almost Ruined My Life

If I can talk about one of my biggest failures in lives is getting involved with MLM, or network marketing.

When I was a younger guy I was already starting to get involved in thinking of a bunch of different ways to make extra money on the side along my with my full-time work. I thought about becoming a handy guy like a friend of mine doing handyman services in Fresno successfully. I had already tried and failed at several things and even succeeded a bit in buying a cheap rental property that made me about $100 a month in positive cash flow.

Wasn’t long before a coworker where I worked started to introduce me to a nutritional based MLM company and tried to sell me on the entire concept of it.

Being a young go-getter, naturally, I was lured. I attended an event in my town and witnessed the single most charismatic, energetic, inspiring individual I had ever seen! The guy was amazing and he claimed to be financially free because he had “leveraged” his work with a network of people that helped push these mind-blowing, patent pending, cure everything, nutritional supplements that everyone, and I mean EVERY PERSON ON PLANET EARTH!!

I Was In And I Was In 100%!!

I immediately signed up for their biggest package (cuz you gotta go in big if you want to win right?) at the cost of $1000. That was a staggering amount of money at the time for me.

I went out, made my list of friends and family, listened to their teleconference training calls every Sunday, and hit the streets to sell my new business.

I quickly signed up a few family members, a few friends, a couple coworkers and then made my very first $300!! Wow!! I thought I was on a roll!

Then month 2 came around and suddenly my list was starting to dry up. Nobody else wanted to buy. The people that bought on the first month stopped buying. My business was dying.

Then I decided I needed more training. I was invited to attend a corporate event (which I, of course, had to pay for the plane, lodging, food and to even attend the event.) People said that once you attend you will come back to town with added momentum and a head of steam. I was pumped once again!

This time I hit my warm list again and hard. I decided to purchase hundreds of dollars on videos, marketing materials, DVD, audio tapes to hand out to people showing them the wonders of these nutritional products I offered. I went door to door. I handed out materials. I made a few bucks but in no way would it justify the work and money I was putting in.

I must have spent thousands on that company only to finally realize that it was a complete waste of time. Not only that, it cost me friendships. It was a horrible experience.

The odds of a guy like me making it in MLM are pretty much non-existent.

Do you want to know why?

This goes back to solving problems in order to make money. You have to solve people’s problems in order to generate money. What problem was I solving with nutritional products that thousands of other distributors were already peddling?

Better health? Financial freedom? Sure those are problems but why would anyone come to me to solve those when there are millions of other people that can help them with those problems?

They would never come to me.

I’m glad I figured that out. If I hadn’t, that whole MLM business would have ruined my life.

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