Blaming Others Is Stupid

Why Is It So Easy To Blame Others For Our Failures?

We’re playing baseball in the street as kids and we hit and break a car’s window. What’s our excuse? “That car shouldn’t have been parked right there!”

As a kid in middle school, we are getting a terrible grade in English class. What’s our excuse? “That teacher doesn’t like me!”

We go to work, work hard, put in for a raise for the work that you do only to have your boss tell you that things don’t look good for the company and can’t afford it. What do you say? “This guy cannot see the value I provide, and he’s cheap!”

Why do we always blame other people when we fail or make a mistake?

Is it human nature? Doesn’t a thief always blame the victim from whom he stole from?

I think it’s because it’s an easy way out. It so easy to blame someone else when things don’t go your way. You hear people say things like “I can’t get ahead because this guy is always talking crap about me at work.” and “I can’t move forward because my ex-wife is a pain in my ass.” and “I can’t make any more money because jobs don’t pay shit around here.”

The sooner we realize that it’s our fault and our sole responsibility for the mistakes that we’ve made the sooner we can fix our mistakes. Blaming others is an easy way out. Not only that, it’s a cowardly way out.

I’m amazed to see grown adults in their 40s and 50s still walk around and blame other people for the failures they’ve experienced in their lives. They’ve gotten that old and still haven’t realized that it is them and only them that are to blame for their failures. Either that or they damn well know the blame falls squarely on their shoulders and they seek the cowardly way out and blame someone else.

I love the following clip below that clearly defines what I’m talking about. I understand that everything that everything I have and don’t have in my life is because of me and only me.

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