Producers Vs Non-Producers

If You Have No Money…It’s Cuz You’re Not Producing

You Are A Non-Producer

When we sit on the couch and watch a ballgame we consume that ballgame in the form of entertainment. When we stream a show and binge watch an entire season we sit there and consume another product. When we sit and play a video game we are yet again consuming.

Every time we go to the grocery store and buy food, toilet paper, laundry detergent, and dish soap we again consume. Fill up your gas tank, pay your car, pay for its insurance, pay to get it washed and you are on the side of consuming. Every Time you pay your mortgage, pay the utilities, think about remodeling your kitchen you once again are on the side of consuming.

Where am I heading with this?

All of your life, since the day you could walk, you have been taught to consume. Remember those toy commercials? Do you remember the fruit juice, snack, and cereal commercials? You were and continue to be taught to consume everything!

And what does consuming take?

You guessed it! Money!

All we are programmed and taught to do is consume and constantly seek out more ways to entertain ourselves, buy the latest gadget, look into your next home improvement project, or next place you want to eat at.

And guess who supplies it all? The producers!

The Producers

The producers are the ones making the money! For every 10 million downloaders of a popular app, there’s a handful of folks who sat through countless hours to produce it and rake in millions.

For every hundred of home improvement projects started every day in a small town, there are one or two home improvement stores in the town supplying all of the materials for those projects.

For the tens of millions of people “consuming” in the form of entertainment a football game there are only a few hundred production people, pro athletes, commentators, TV personalities pulling in millions of dollars from all the consumers enjoying the product they produce.

Mcdonalds sits there and produces billions of burgers and fries daily for the billions ready to take out their wallets to pay them to consume it.

This is one of the reasons I recently saw the guy in charge of Legos toy bricks is a billionaire! Not a millionaire…a billionaire!

There are Two Teams, You Just Gotta Choose Your Team

To switch teams, all you have to do is to start to change the way you think.

Think about it. People find a funny video and laugh their asses off to it. they share it with their friends and family and talk about it. Those people are “consuming” that video. One person produced it and is invited to TV shows and starts his own brand of comedy and starts to make millions.

Hundreds of homeowners are starting to build decks with a brand new material that looks beautiful and last a lifetime. It’s all the rage! Those people are “consuming” that material. One person sat down and invented it. He went through the process to patent it, produce it and market it. He now makes millions.

Thousands of moms visit a website to give them birthday party ideas. It gets thousands of hits a day and it’s incredibly useful. Moms everywhere love it! They “consume” the information on that site. One mom somewhere sat down and typed it all up. She spent countless hours and it’s paid off. She now earns $10,000 a month from ad revenue from the ads she places on her website.

If you want to make more money, you have to produce. A tiny old job doesn’t produce much. That’s the only production most of us ever really do and yet we sit there wondering why we don’t have any money. Even starting a mowing service and spreading out and doing the lawn care work of the entire town produces more than a single job. Our friends over at lawn care Stockton is a perfect example of that.

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