Change Is Good. Painful, But Good.

For Things To Change, You Must Change

I was once told by an incredibly wealthy guy that I was fortunate to run into and asked him for some quick tips on life and success.

His response with a very serious tone was “In order for things to change in your life, first and foremost it is you that has to change. Do you really think a millionaire would be talking about playing softball and drinking beer with his buddies in the afternoon? You have to change! There is no getting around that fact.”

That was a pretty interesting tip from a guy that was making an easy 7 figure income.

I remember him also telling me, again with a very serious tone, “Over the years I have realized that there is only three ways a human being can change. A person can cause themselves to change by the books they read, the books and other types of audio they listen to, and by the people, they associate with. That’s it.”

The books a person reads, audio a person listens to, and people a person associates with…


That’s all a person really needs? If that’s it, then why doesn’t everyone just start to do those things?

The problem is the pain.

Changing sucks. Changing is uncomfortable.

Changing even causes you to lose friends! Don’t believe me? Have you ever switched a job? Have you noticed that you slowly start to have the friendships from your old jobs start to fall apart and fade away until you basically never talk to those friends again?

A change of jobs forced you to change. It caused you to change who you associated with.

If you’ve ever wanted to lose weight you know change sucks and is painful! You have to change what you eat right? You have to educate yourself more about the types of foods you eat. You have to start to exercise.

You have to change!

If you’ve ever had problems with drugs, in order to change you have to change everything! You have to change who you associate with. You have to change your environment. You have to change your thinking about life. You might have to take on new hobbies. Read books. Input different things into your mind.

You have to change!

Although it sucks, change is good.

Here is the thing about change. It really sucks and it’s incredibly hard to do. It takes a tremendous amount of effort. I guess the best way I can describe it is like the taking off of a space shuttle.

The amount of energy a space shuttle takes to pull outta earth’s gravity is staggering! It starts with a countdown. Then fire erupts and the engines fire! The noise and heat coming off that first start are mindblowing. There are explosions! There’s some actual earth shaking! You take a look at the rocket…and it ain’t moved an inch.

It continues…

More fire. More fuel burned. More heat. More raw and unimaginable power. The shuttle? Just now starting to creep into the air.

It continues…

More loud and deafening noise. More earth-shattering power. More fire. Now smoke and debris everywhere. The shuttle? finally starting to get moving.

It continues even more.

It’s now burned up hundreds of gallons of fuel. Two of the fuel takes have dropped off. It’s still blowing through unimaginable power to keep it going up and up and up. It’s using all of what thousands of the smartest engineers designed to make it break earth’s orbit. And finally, it breaks free from the gravity pull.

The shuttle is now in space. In space, it uses tiny little rocket boosters to propel it where it needs to go.

Change is hard, but once you break through, it a piece of cake.

That’s exactly what change is like. Like that space shuttle. It takes so much damn effort to change that it almost seems like it’s never going to happen. But once it does, the change is not only good but easy to maintain.

Ask anyone that’s lost weight and kept it off for a long time how hard it was when it first started. They’ll tell you that in the beginning, it seemed impossible. They end up changing what they input into their mind and things change for them.

I have a friend who owns an asphalt paving company that has understood the need to change his advertising strategy for his business but was very hesitant to do so. He’s an outdoor type of guy that hates computers but he knew that people are looking for his business online so he decided to make a change and start to learn how to build his online presence. He says it harder than hell to learn but he’s starting to get the hang of things online.

If you’re an employee, the only way to make a dollar is by going to work. In order to learn how to make money another way, you’re going to have to change the way you think. You will have to start to read books, listen to audios, and start to see how you can change the way that you can make money. It will be hard as anything you’ll ever try to do but that’s part of the change. If you can endure and go through all the energy and power needed to change, one day, you can be making tons of money as effortlessly as that space shuttle floats out in space.

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