Why Do We Fail?

Why Do We Fail?

Over the years I’ve gotten a pretty good understanding as to why it is that we fail in life.

And you know, I used to think that we fail at things in life because we flat out suck at life. We fail because we are not any good at whatever it is we are trying to achieve. We fail at losing weight, we fail at making more money, we fail at a relationship, we fail at pretty much everything.

That’s just the way that is is and there nothing we can do about it right?

Well, that is not true. Not even in the slightest bit.

We as human beings are designed to and intended to fail. Not only are we designed to fail but we are built to fail innumerable times!

Reading books and starting to begin to enrich my mind artificially with nothing but success-oriented people I have discovered this to be an unquestionable fact and I can prove it right now…

I do not know if you believe in God, a God, a higher power, infinite intelligence, or anything like that but I do. I am not super religious by any means but I do believe that there is a God and that it is all loving and caring but yet gave us all a free will to do whatever we want with our lives.

Now this all-powerful, and wise, and incredibly loving God also has made all living creatures on planet earth. And do you know which one of his creatures is the most vulnerable, the most helpless, the single most fragile little thing in the world?

A human baby.

A baby would not last more than a few days on its own before it would perish. It cannot feed itself, clean itself, fend for itself or pretty much do anything for itself.

And yet…

This all-powerful and incredibly loving God that LOVES us all with all he is picks the most brutal way imaginable to teach this innocent little creature the simple act and the ability to walk.

Think about it…

This tiny and fragile little creature learns how to walk be falling down. Not once. Not twice. Not three times. It probably falls hundreds of times!!

Not only that…

This soft and delicate little baby will fall, scrape its knees, bang its head, hurt its hands, cry, get cut, bleed, fall on hard places, and hit objects constantly in learning.

Now let’s think about that…

Why not just let us all be born already walking? Why go through all the trouble?


In our first year of living, and our first year as a human being, he, from the very get go, was trying to teach us a lesson. A lesson that we needed to understand in us being human beings.

We are designed to fail and fail an incredible amount of times until we finally achieve what we want.

Why else would this loving God do that to an innocent child? We else would he allow it to get hurt, get bruised, get cut, and even bleed?

He was trying to teach us a lesson, and it’s a damn good lesson.

Don’t worry about failing at whatever we want to achieve. Don’t worry about the number of times we
screw up. Don’t worry if your heart aches and is crushed from yet another defeat. As long as you keep on rolling and chugging along you will succeed. There is no way you will not.

You just gotta remember.

You were designed that way.

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