Blaming Others Is Stupid

Why Is It So Easy To Blame Others For Our Failures?

We’re playing baseball in the street as kids and we hit and break a car’s window. What’s our excuse? “That car shouldn’t have been parked right there!”

As a kid in middle school, we are getting a terrible grade in English class. What’s our excuse? “That teacher doesn’t like me!”

We go to work, work hard, put in for a raise for the work that you do only to have your boss tell you that things don’t look good for the company and can’t afford it. What do you say? “This guy cannot see the value I provide, and he’s cheap!”

Why do we always blame other people when we fail or make a mistake?

Is it human nature? Doesn’t a thief always blame the victim from whom he stole from?

I think it’s because it’s an easy way out. It so easy to blame someone else when things don’t go your way. You hear people say things like “I can’t get ahead because this guy is always talking crap about me at work.” and “I can’t move forward because my ex-wife is a pain in my ass.” and “I can’t make any more money because jobs don’t pay shit around here.”

The sooner we realize that it’s our fault and our sole responsibility for the mistakes that we’ve made the sooner we can fix our mistakes. Blaming others is an easy way out. Not only that, it’s a cowardly way out.

I’m amazed to see grown adults in their 40s and 50s still walk around and blame other people for the failures they’ve experienced in their lives. They’ve gotten that old and still haven’t realized that it is them and only them that are to blame for their failures. Either that or they damn well know the blame falls squarely on their shoulders and they seek the cowardly way out and blame someone else.

I love the following clip below that clearly defines what I’m talking about. I understand that everything that everything I have and don’t have in my life is because of me and only me.…

Producers Vs Non-Producers

If You Have No Money…It’s Cuz You’re Not Producing

You Are A Non-Producer

When we sit on the couch and watch a ballgame we consume that ballgame in the form of entertainment. When we stream a show and binge watch an entire season we sit there and consume another product. When we sit and play a video game we are yet again consuming.

Every time we go to the grocery store and buy food, toilet paper, laundry detergent, and dish soap we again consume. Fill up your gas tank, pay your car, pay for its insurance, pay to get it washed and you are on the side of consuming. Every Time you pay your mortgage, pay the utilities, think about remodeling your kitchen you once again are on the side of consuming.

Where am I heading with this?

All of your life, since the day you could walk, you have been taught to consume. Remember those toy commercials? Do you remember the fruit juice, snack, and cereal commercials? You were and continue to be taught to consume everything!

And what does consuming take?

You guessed it! Money!

All we are programmed and taught to do is consume and constantly seek out more ways to entertain ourselves, buy the latest gadget, look into your next home improvement project, or next place you want to eat at.

And guess who supplies it all? The producers!

The Producers

The producers are the ones making the money! For every 10 million downloaders of a popular app, there’s a handful of folks who sat through countless hours to produce it and rake in millions.

For every hundred of home improvement projects started every day in a small town, there are one or two home improvement stores in the town supplying all of the materials for those projects.

For the tens of millions of people “consuming” in the form of entertainment a football game there are only a few hundred production people, pro athletes, commentators, TV personalities pulling in millions of dollars from all the consumers enjoying the product they produce.

Mcdonalds sits there and produces billions of burgers and fries daily for the billions ready to take out their wallets to pay them to consume it.

This is one of the reasons I recently saw the guy in charge of Legos toy bricks is a billionaire! Not a millionaire…a billionaire!

There are Two Teams, You Just Gotta Choose Your Team

To switch teams, all you have to do is to start to change the way you think.

Think about it. People find a funny video and laugh their asses off to it. they share it with their friends and family and talk about it. Those people are “consuming” that video. One person produced it and is invited to TV shows and starts his own brand of comedy and starts to make millions.

Hundreds of homeowners are starting to build decks with a brand new material that looks beautiful and last a lifetime. It’s all the rage! Those people are “consuming” that material. One person sat down and invented it. He went through the process to patent it, produce it and market it. He now makes millions.

Thousands of moms visit a website to give them birthday party ideas. It gets thousands of hits a day and it’s incredibly useful. Moms everywhere love it! They “consume” the information on that site. One mom somewhere sat down and typed it all up. She spent countless hours and it’s paid off. She now earns $10,000 a month from ad revenue from the ads she places on her website.

If you want to make more money, you have to produce. A tiny old job doesn’t produce much. That’s the only production most of us ever really do and yet we sit there wondering why we don’t have any money. Even starting a mowing service and spreading out and doing the lawn care work of the entire town produces more than a single job. Our friends over at lawn care Stockton is a perfect example of that.…

Change Is Good. Painful, But Good.

For Things To Change, You Must Change

I was once told by an incredibly wealthy guy that I was fortunate to run into and asked him for some quick tips on life and success.

His response with a very serious tone was “In order for things to change in your life, first and foremost it is you that has to change. Do you really think a millionaire would be talking about playing softball and drinking beer with his buddies in the afternoon? You have to change! There is no getting around that fact.”

That was a pretty interesting tip from a guy that was making an easy 7 figure income.

I remember him also telling me, again with a very serious tone, “Over the years I have realized that there is only three ways a human being can change. A person can cause themselves to change by the books they read, the books and other types of audio they listen to, and by the people, they associate with. That’s it.”

The books a person reads, audio a person listens to, and people a person associates with…


That’s all a person really needs? If that’s it, then why doesn’t everyone just start to do those things?

The problem is the pain.

Changing sucks. Changing is uncomfortable.

Changing even causes you to lose friends! Don’t believe me? Have you ever switched a job? Have you noticed that you slowly start to have the friendships from your old jobs start to fall apart and fade away until you basically never talk to those friends again?

A change of jobs forced you to change. It caused you to change who you associated with.

If you’ve ever wanted to lose weight you know change sucks and is painful! You have to change what you eat right? You have to educate yourself more about the types of foods you eat. You have to start to exercise.

You have to change!

If you’ve ever had problems with drugs, in order to change you have to change everything! You have to change who you associate with. You have to change your environment. You have to change your thinking about life. You might have to take on new hobbies. Read books. Input different things into your mind.

You have to change!

Although it sucks, change is good.

Here is the thing about change. It really sucks and it’s incredibly hard to do. It takes a tremendous amount of effort. I guess the best way I can describe it is like the taking off of a space shuttle.

The amount of energy a space shuttle takes to pull outta earth’s gravity is staggering! It starts with a countdown. Then fire erupts and the engines fire! The noise and heat coming off that first start are mindblowing. There are explosions! There’s some actual earth shaking! You take a look at the rocket…and it ain’t moved an inch.

It continues…

More fire. More fuel burned. More heat. More raw and unimaginable power. The shuttle? Just now starting to creep into the air.

It continues…

More loud and deafening noise. More earth-shattering power. More fire. Now smoke and debris everywhere. The shuttle? finally starting to get moving.

It continues even more.

It’s now burned up hundreds of gallons of fuel. Two of the fuel takes have dropped off. It’s still blowing through unimaginable power to keep it going up and up and up. It’s using all of what thousands of the smartest engineers designed to make it break earth’s orbit. And finally, it breaks free from the gravity pull.

The shuttle is now in space. In space, it uses tiny little rocket boosters to propel it where it needs to go.

Change is hard, but once you break through, it a piece of cake.

That’s exactly what change is like. Like that space shuttle. It takes so much damn effort to change that it almost seems like it’s never going to happen. But once it does, the change is not only good but easy to maintain.

Ask anyone that’s lost weight and kept it off for a long time how hard it was when it first started. They’ll tell you that in the beginning, it seemed impossible. They end up changing what they input into their mind and things change for them.

I have a friend who owns an asphalt paving company that has understood the need to change his advertising strategy for his business but was very hesitant to do so. He’s an outdoor type of guy that hates computers but he knew that people are looking for his business online so he decided to make a change and start to learn how to build his online presence. He says it harder than hell to learn but he’s starting to get …

How To Change Your Life – Without Even Trying

It has been said that you will inherit the characteristics of the people you surround with yourself the most.

Really sit there and think about it for a couple of minutes.

How much money do you make? What type of things do you like to do? What things do you like to talk about? How do you talk? What types of foods do you like?

The chances are that the people you hang around with the most have all the same similar interests.

Or is that really the case?

Could it be? Maybe it is you that has formed all those things in common with those people without you even thinking about it?

I want you to take a look at some stats I have learned from studying up success.


There really are not that many super successful people in America. Looks like only 15% of the population is considered to be millionaires. So that leaves the rest, 85%, not being millionaires.

Why is this so?

Well, one of the beliefs that I have, and I have a lot of reasons to believe this, is that…

We As Human Beings Will, Without Question, Without Fail, Whether We Like It Or Not, Become Like Those We Associate With The Most.

Look at the vast majority of people in the USA. Let’s face it. A whole lot of them are not super successful. So, chances are you’re probably hanging out with people that are not super successful.

So how do we combat this? Is this inevitable? Are we all forced to mingle with people that simply don’t want to succeed and aspire for more?

No way!! Here is your way out.


Start to read books about successful people. Read biographies. Read self-help books. Read books on business success. Read about the greats of yesterday and today. Read, read, and then read some more.

Get this…

I checked stats out on reading habits and what I’ve discovered about the number of books Americans read is crazy…

Americans Read An Average Of 12 Books a Year

And guess what? Half of those books are romance novels.

No… one… reads!!


Guess what I found out about the super successful people, and I’m talking about the top 5% to 10%?

They read! Oh, and they read A LOT!

They read at least 1 book a month. They are always looking to self improve. Always. Being as successful as they are, they still strive to learn even more.

They make the time every month, no matter what (and these people are busy!) to read more books. This is one of the reasons, in my opinion, that they are so successful.

They surround themselves with successful people, not physically, but in there mind, an imaginary way. They control their own reality, and they have complete control of this reality because of what they allow themselves to input into their own minds.

Remember what I said…

We as human beings will, without question, without fail, whether we like it or not, will become like those we associate with most.

I do not know if I could ever prove that to be a fact, but I have lived long enough and read enough to truly believe that to be the case. Since I believe that then why not do that.

Look, I know we are not blessed with being born, growing up, or even living near people that are super successful. There is no way we can get up and go out to talk to multi-millionaires tomorrow morning or anytime soon. We are basically stuck with all of the just average ordinary people we mingle around with every day. There is no helping that, but it still doesn’t mean that you can’t change your life.

Here Is How To Change Your Life, And Start To Do It Easily

Surround yourself with successful people, artificially.

That’s right! Never in the history of the world has there been a better time than today to artificially associate yourself with success because of the technology we have today.

We have iPhones to download audiobooks of success, self-help, business, winning, eating healthy, better living and so on. We have youtube videos, digital books, Bluetooth headphones, and car stereos to fully saturate our brains with words and philosophies of some of the brightest and the best this world has ever given us.

You have time to input this information all the time too. Every bathroom break you take you can read. Every shower you take you can set up audio for you to listen to while you scrub your armpits. Every drive you take can add knowledge to your brain. Think about it…a 15-minute drive to work is 30 minutes of listening to a

Why Do We Fail?

Why Do We Fail?

Over the years I’ve gotten a pretty good understanding as to why it is that we fail in life.

And you know, I used to think that we fail at things in life because we flat out suck at life. We fail because we are not any good at whatever it is we are trying to achieve. We fail at losing weight, we fail at making more money, we fail at a relationship, we fail at pretty much everything.

That’s just the way that is is and there nothing we can do about it right?

Well, that is not true. Not even in the slightest bit.

We as human beings are designed to and intended to fail. Not only are we designed to fail but we are built to fail innumerable times!

Reading books and starting to begin to enrich my mind artificially with nothing but success-oriented people I have discovered this to be an unquestionable fact and I can prove it right now…

I do not know if you believe in God, a God, a higher power, infinite intelligence, or anything like that but I do. I am not super religious by any means but I do believe that there is a God and that it is all loving and caring but yet gave us all a free will to do whatever we want with our lives.

Now this all-powerful, and wise, and incredibly loving God also has made all living creatures on planet earth. And do you know which one of his creatures is the most vulnerable, the most helpless, the single most fragile little thing in the world?

A human baby.

A baby would not last more than a few days on its own before it would perish. It cannot feed itself, clean itself, fend for itself or pretty much do anything for itself.

And yet…

This all-powerful and incredibly loving God that LOVES us all with all he is picks the most brutal way imaginable to teach this innocent little creature the simple act and the ability to walk.

Think about it…

This tiny and fragile little creature learns how to walk be falling down. Not once. Not twice. Not three times. It probably falls hundreds of times!!

Not only that…

This soft and delicate little baby will fall, scrape its knees, bang its head, hurt its hands, cry, get cut, bleed, fall on hard places, and hit objects constantly in learning.

Now let’s think about that…

Why not just let us all be born already walking? Why go through all the trouble?


In our first year of living, and our first year as a human being, he, from the very get go, was trying to teach us a lesson. A lesson that we needed to understand in us being human beings.

We are designed to fail and fail an incredible amount of times until we finally achieve what we want.

Why else would this loving God do that to an innocent child? We else would he allow it to get hurt, get bruised, get cut, and even bleed?

He was trying to teach us a lesson, and it’s a damn good lesson.

Don’t worry about failing at whatever we want to achieve. Don’t worry about the number of times we
screw up. Don’t worry if your heart aches and is crushed from yet another defeat. As long as you keep on rolling and chugging along you will succeed. There is no way you will not.

You just gotta remember.

You were designed that way.…